Time on your side

The easiest way to handle a problem is before it becomes a problem. The most effective way to resolve a confrontation is to prevent it from ever happening.

By understanding and appreciating what is, you're able to see what can be. By addressing big issues when they are still small, you can greatly enhance your positive influence.

Great achievements are built in long successions of small moments. When you know where you're going from the very beginning, you'll get there much more quickly.

Every day you are putting forth effort. Have the foresight to point all those successive efforts in the same direction, and you can create whatever results you wish.

Get out in front of your life and do what you must do, long before it must be done. Instead of wasting much effort on playing catch up, enjoy the rich, fulfilling rewards that come from being ahead of the game.

Act early, act often and act with positive purpose. Reap the tremendous benefits of putting time on your side.

-- Ralph Marston


Hooked on accomplishment

Accomplishment is contagious. Catch it from yourself.

Experience how great it feels to accomplish a little bit. And you'll find yourself going for more and more.

Know the confidence that comes from being able to get something done. And you'll realize that anything is within your reach.

You are immensely creative and productive and effective in your own special way. Continue to examine, explore, and refine your understanding of the passion that lives at your very core.

Put some time into doing what feels right and natural and joyful for you. You'll be amazed and delighted at what you can accomplish.

Effort is truly a joy when it aligns with your purpose. Find that purpose, make that effort, and get yourself passionately hooked on accomplishment.

-- Ralph Marston



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